The Open Storybook is a podcast containing public-domain children’s literature and some brief discussions of it. The podcast is hosted by voice actor Glen Reed, who is writing this, and will now stop referring to himself in the third person. I began this podcast as a way to continue practicing my craft during downtime.

My choice of theme was inspired by reading to my school-age son, which is also part of what led to my voice acting career. I always enjoy creating characters and voices for him, and it’s my goal to bring life to every story I read. I’ve done some audiobooks professionally, though I’ve probably enjoyed the work I’ve done for animations and video games a bit more. Any way you look at it, I realize I’m a lucky guy—and I also view this as a small way of giving away some of that luck.

Episodes of this podcast will be released about once a month and will vary in length. If I’m doing a series of related stories, or chapters of a longer story, those will be released on a weekly basis until the topic is completed. I’ll try to let parents know a bit about the story’s content before reading, since many children’s stories that are a few generations old are a bit violent!

This is a work in progress, so the structure will likely change as the podcast matures. A large part of that will be your feedback, so please let me know your thoughts!