Season One

  • 010 The Episode Before Christmas

    This month, we’re back to children’s stories, and on to the Christmas season. We’ll be reading the classic The Night Before Christmas (and discussing its controversial authorship) as well as hearing a special holiday treat. This marks our final episode of the first season, but we’ll be back at some… [ More ]

  • 009 Once Upon an Autumn Dreary

    In this month’s episode, we basically continue down the Halloween trail until we come, in this fall, to the house of Edgar Allan Poe. Of note, the stories contained within this episode may not be appropriate for children, as we deal with murder and its concealment in The Tell-Tale Heart… [ More ]

  • 008 Halloween Special

    We’re celebrating spooky season this month as Halloween approaches. Our story is the Washington Irving classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is a somewhat longer tale than usual, so buckle in for over an hour of storytelling! Past episodes and more can be found at our website, The… [ More ]

  • 007 Easy Being Green

    This month, we’re back to storytelling with two stories featuring frogs, preceded by a brief discussion of frogs in literature. We’ll be delving into the classic tale of a prince turned into a frog, and we’re also including something a bit different from Mark Twain. Past episodes and more can… [ More ]

  • 006 Messin’ with The Kid (special episode)

    In this month’s episode, we bypass the usual story to give you a little more background into this podcast. And to do that, we present an episode of a different podcast—which was never meant to be—entitled Messin’ with The Kid. Dive in with your narrator as he presents a peek… [ More ]

  • 005 Let Down Your Hair

    This episode, you can relax and let down your hair, as we climb to the heights of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel. Learn more about the Brothers Grimm and their motivations behind their collections, as well as some of the background of this particular tale. Past episodes and more can… [ More ]

  • 004 You Don’t Know Jack (part 2)

    It’s time to get jacked up for the second part of our literary dive into the sea of Jacks. In the second part of “You Don’t Know Jack,” we’ll be reading Jack the Giant-Killer, and discussing its Arthurian basis and possible influence on Jack and the Beanstalk. Don’t forget to… [ More ]

  • 003 You Don’t Know Jack (part 1)

    You may be a Jack of all trades or an every-man Jack. You may even be a crackerjack. But before you can say “Jack Robinson,” we’ll show you that you don’t know Jack. The literary Jack, that is. This week, we’ll be reading several “Jack” nursery rhymes as well as… [ More ]

  • 002 Living High on the Hog

    In this episode, we’ll be examining the three little pigs, hopefully not butchering them to make easy work for the big bad wolf! Our story is, not surprisingly, the children’s classic “The Story of the Three Little Pigs.” We’re also happy to report that our website is now up and… [ More ]

  • 001 Introductions and Seven Dwarfs

    Welcome to The Open Storybook! In this episode, I’ll be introducing myself—your narrator Glen Reed—and the concept behind this podcast. We’ll be reading different public-domain children’s stories each episodes, beginning this episode with “Snowdrop and Seven Little Dwarfs.” The Open Storybook theme was written and recorded by James P. Balcerek.… [ More ]